While in school, I worked as a graphic designer in the Extended Education Marketing Department at WWU for a year and a half. Honing my skills under a team of talented designers and marketers was a lot of fun. I won my first pitch, updated many brand style guides, illustrated, and grew a lot doing so. 



Below are assorted posters and fliers I made for our courses and campaigns.

Here are some brochures I created.

The SEA Discovery Center is an educational space and aquarium in Poulsbo, Washington partnered with WWU that hosts science programs for preschool-9th grade kids. While ramping up for their summer kickoff in 2016, we wanted marine-themed coloring sheets to give out. This illustrative project was a nice change of pace.

Here's a set of illustrations made for a textbook published by WWU's Facing the Future entitled People and the Planet. 

From left to right: global warming, healthcare, governance, peace and conflict, sustainability, technology, discrimination, consumption, culture, poverty, education.


Web ads, social media graphics, and animation excerpts.



A large part of my job was creating and updating brand style guides for various programs under the Extended Education umbrella. These are used to keep the designers in the department on the same page as well as to pitch new brand directions to program administrators.

Below is a poster I made for internal reference. It shows the brand colors for all the programs and campaigns I updated for the 2017-2018 year. 

Combo marks:


Brand style guide samples: